Are you working at a job that pays you just enough to get by? Do you dream of being able to afford a home, a car, to travel, to have a family? How would your life be different if you could become a Real Estate Investor? Let me show you how!

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Have you ever felt too unsure to not only start real estate investing but having a game plan that sticks? Are you a 21 to 35-year-old trying to balance your bills and your dreams?  Does rising costs of food, rent and interest rates scare you? Do you lay awake at night wondering how you’re going to make it life?

Face it, the price of things aren’t coming down anytime soon.  If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!  

Stop trying to game the stock market or get lucky with “the next big thing”…
Stop waiting around for someone to come and save us because that will never happen…
Stop wishing the “good old days” would return because the world is different now and it’s not going back…
And instead discover the industry that thousands of regular people around the world are using to unlock more positive impact, more purpose and at the SAME TIME more personal success than ever before…

You’ll gain these same secrets when you join… but the only way to get access is to click the big yellow button below and save your spot now! 

I started investing when I was 21 years old, I made all the mistakes. Sadly, I even lost it all a few times.  I have learned the hard way, I now know the SIMPLE way, the tricks, the strategies, the short cuts and I want to teach you too!

Let’s face it… chances are if you’re reading this then you already know it’s time to pivot and gain NEW capabilities because the world is shifting.
And here’s why you’re the perfect candidate to make this pivot in your life:
Because your life experience is telling you something’s got to change…
Maybe you already knew this and you’re ready to take your reach, impact and success to the next level…
Or maybe you just learned right now that there is massive opportunity waiting for you, but you need the right steps to take advantage of it. 
That’s why this course is a “must” to master the art of real estate investing… but it’s only happening now at this LOW price!

So, hurry and click below now to get started today before you miss out…

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover when you join my coaching program TODAY!

1. How to attract a TEAM of warriors that are fighting for YOU!

2. How to QUICKLY find deals with only 5 HOURS a week to spare!

3. How to MASTER writing WINNING offers to purchase without any experience!

If you don’t believe your thinking has held you back, then let me ask you this… Why has inner self doubt, fear and the people around you already cost you way too much? How many opportunities have you missed in the past because of your thinking? 
You know you were designed for more, yet something is making you play small and hesitate from reaching your next level.

So, in this course you will be ignited with an unstoppable mindset… while at the same time gaining your plan of attack. 

Everyone wants to create next level success… but the sad truth is, most people don’t know where to start or are following the wrong plan.
In order to avoid this regret, you must unlock the SMART “here is where to start” plan for your future. A plan that is working RIGHT NOW for thousands of everyday people all around the world… 
And in this course, you’ll learn how to “course correct” by learning from those who have already pivoted and have forged a path for you to follow. 
Knowledge means nothing without the right action… Learning isn’t enough. That’s why I am not only going to show you how to pivot into the real estate investing industry but also focus on how to confidently implement and make it real. 

You have already missed too many opportunities in your life because you didn’t take the proper action. Join me and together let’s make sure that doesn’t ever happen again. 

I need you to know, my parents worked full time at JOBS they didn’t like.  I told myself I would never ever do that.  I was determined to make it in real estate investing.  I knew I was meant for more!  I was 21 years old, struggling to make ends meet.  Yes, I needed JOBS to fill in the gaps of me trying to figure it out.  I locked arms with a couple realtors, learned everything I could from them.  I overpaid on properties.  I lost money.  I went over budget.  I worked day and night doing repairs.  I hired contractors that ripped me off. Lost everything a few times.  It was a S**T show!  Then, I chose to get a Real Estate Investing Coach.  OMG! BAM… game changer!  I learned to ATTRACT a winning team, FIND profitable deals, what to include when I WRITE killer offers!  My whole world changed!  I am now an active investor making money with a proven system in place.  I want the same for you…

As a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, I have identified one of my biggest unfair advantages to my success (both business and personal) is being laser focused on results in a crazy busy world.
I realized at an early age that the news and negative people actually added fear to my life rather than helping me attain the goals I desired.
And that’s why over the past year I have obsessed on every detail to design this “3 SIMPLE steps to Real Estate Investing” and expose my “proven” system to allow you to create a productivity process you can follow every day that could ACTUALLY get the results you want.

As someone who started from nothing who has gone on to have success and impact, I credit the people I have worked with along the way as one of my secret unfair advantages. An advantage I share with you in “3 SIMPLE steps to Real Estate Investing”.

“Individual’s experience may not represent the typical participant. Your background, education, experience, and work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary.”

When You Enroll Today You Get:
Videos that include..
1. Extensive List of who you need to have on your A team and why!
2. Where to find deals and leads organically and more!
3. Potential clauses to include in an offer that will give you the unfair advantage you need to get the deals done!

Transcripts that include…
1. What was in the video plus additional golden nuggets of information!
2. Mindset tips and tricks!
3. Gain confidence
4. An action plan

You get a 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – if you’re not completely satisfied with your course, we’ll refund your money with no questions asked!  Simply email us at

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 “Company is a direct-to-consumer real estate and training company. Investing of any kind carries risk and it is possible to lose some or all of your money. The training provided is general in nature, and some strategies may not be appropriate for all individuals or all situations. We make no representation regarding the likelihood or probability that any actual or hypothetical investment will achieve a particular outcome or perform in any predictable manner. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success. Be advised that we do not give any individual real estate recommendation or any other specific and individual investment opportunity. It is highly recommended that individuals work with licensed real estate brokers, agents, and professionals for any real estate transactions.”
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Theresa Beneteau

I’m Theresa Beneteau, founder of “Fast Track to Real Estate Investing”, passionate investor & business coach. I am on a mission to guide 21-35 year olds on how to wisely use real estate investing as a means to possibly increase their income.


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How to create a winning TEAM that is excited to work with you!

Open your mind to the power of the team you will create
  • The magic of 3
  • How to attract the A team  
  • Your new journey has begun  
  • Set up for module 2 

Where to find leads/deals

How to create organic/virgin leads

Website, Pay per click, SEO

Why due diligence is so important

How to protect yourself when presenting offers


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